Wish Voting Cleanup


    Visit the Wish Voting area and rate the ideas. The more the better :).
    Next week there will be a little cleanup and wishes with low ratings might be deleted (unless I really like them). It is always good to leave a comment as well, so I can see why you liked/did not like a wish. But you can also vote without writing.

    Please remember:

    • Do not vote down wishes just because you want your own wishes to be mure successful!
    • Do not vote down wishes because you do not like the tv-show/movie/celebrity they are inspired by!

    For example: I am no Harry Potter fan, but if a nice Harry Potter castle or hair cut would be useful for everybody, it is a good idea to include it.

  • to all: This is a way everybody can help this site. I know it costs some time but if this site is something special to you, and you can manage it, PLEASE RATE!

    at the moment, most wishes are only rated by 2-3 persons.

  • It's done, I deleted 135 wish voting wishes.
    In case you wonder why your wish is gone now, here are the possible reasons:

    - It had a rating below 2/5
    - There were similar wishes already
    - It was only a wish for more colors (those are collected here)
    - There are technical reasons why I cannot include it or I think it is really useless ;)

    I have not deleted many of the hair styles because there are so many of them and it is difficult to choose... but the rest of the gallery should be cleaned up now :).