The Official "Rate the TV Show/Movie Above You"

  • 8/10

    A very touching and heartwarming movie. The sad montage in the beginning is a true masterpiece! But Wall-E still is my favorite Pixar movie because it manages to carry this special feeling through a bigger part of the movie.

    Wall-E? ;)

  • 7/10 for the original show pre-cancellation. 3/10 for the lazy half-assed version that everyone demanded be put back on our screens, and 0/10 for the fact that it's made network executives scared to say no to Seth McFarlane, and that's why we now have to put up with utter, utter shit like The Cleveland Show and Ted.

    (I haven't seen Ted, but I'm assuming that if they had any footage at all that wasn't painfully cringe-inducing they'd have put at least some of it in the trailers.)

    The Blair Witch Project?

  • I really enjoyed what I've seen of The Blair Witch Project. Deffinitley the first of it's kind, (at least to my knowledge). Hell, I watched some of it quite recentley and it was spooking me out, so mission accomplished I guess. 7.8/10

    The Boondock Saints? The first one. Not that dissapointing, steaming turd of a sequel :facepalm:

  • You should only write if you know the movie.
    Those were the additional rules... because otherwise it's totally senseless ;)

    So I will move on:

    The Boondock Saints: 8/10
    I like it, it has style. But compared to movies from Tarantino or my personal favorite Lucky Number Slevin there is still something left.

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (the cartoon)?

  • Quote from {-}___{-}

    Rules Updated:NA=Not available

    How exactly can the rating be 'not available'?

  • {-}___{-}: It does not matter for the rules if it is a movie or show ;)
    This is nothing against you, but don't you understand it makes no sense if someone asks for something and you reply "n/a" just to skip it? How would you feel if we would do this with every movie/show you write? Please wait until there's something you know. There are other members who can reply, you don't have to ruin the game for everybody else by being impatient.

    Don't be mad about it, it's just a game.
    Usually the person who starts a game can make the rules... but not if those rules are stupid.
    So let's just ignore everybody who doesn't rate the movies/shows. Unless some time has passed and it's actually something nobody knows.

    It's still:
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (the cartoon)

  • Quote from {-}___{-}

    Never Seen It/10

    How many times do we have you to explain this to you?



    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: 8/10.

    Beavis and Butt-head?

  • Quote from Dogzilla

    How many times do we have you to explain this to you? [color=#FF0000]

    Have you looked at page 1 yet,sounds like you ALL didn't.It CLEARLY stated "if you haven't seen the movie that the user above you has posted, simply answer with NA, I haven't seen it, or something of the sort.


    Boyz N Da Hood

  • Did you read what I wrote? Please... This is starting to get really annoying.

    It doesn't matter if you write N/A or "haven't seen it". It's stupid to reply if you have nothing to rate. Let others reply first and wait until you know the movie/show.

    I will close this topic if you continue to act like this, because with your posts it is no fun anymore. Sorry, but that's just childish. Please try to be more patient. We all wait until we know a title.

  • Quote from {-}___{-}

    Have you looked at page 1 yet,sounds like you ALL didn't.

    We did, but it's a lot better if you just wait until someone who has actually seen the movie above to rate it, rather than just selfishly rating it as 'NA/10' only so you can selfishly ask your movie.

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