Goodbye X-Twitter, hello Bluesky

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    You can now find on Bluesky Social:

    SP-Studio (
    Visit to create your new profile picture! 🎨 Constantly updated since 2002, it is one of the biggest create-a-character tools online. Its…

    After Elon Musk bought Twitter the platform became more and more broken and filled with hate. For moral reasons I decided to switch my personal account to Mastodon last year, but the SP-Studio account had 1000 follower. That's not much, and lately I only got a hand full of interactions with every post. But after 13 years you don't abandon those followers so easily. Mastodon in my opinion is the best alternative so far, but unfortunately it does not appeal to the masses. Now the situation changed, because many users are moving from X / Twitter to the new social network Bluesky. So I want to support this movement and give it a chance. From now on I will share update and contest news on Bluesky (in addition to Instagram and Facebook).

    Bluesky looks A LOT like the old Twitter, because it was created by those who created Twitter in the first place. It's easy to use. But it's still in Beta, which means you need an invite code to join and important features are still missing (hashtags, video & animated gif support, personal lists, polls). But people like it, and a social network grows with the people who use it.

    The challenge now is to regain followers, so if you use Bluesky it would be great if you'd help the SP-Studio by sharing a post or two. <3

    See you there!

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