Single SP-Studio Updates (August 2015)

  • Hope we can see more next month...
    Besides, can you give me advise to make my contest entries a lot better next time?
    And what about the feet? Can the shoes be placed on top of all you mentioned? Or is it for a future update?

    Don't Mess with Fourze0018SP!

  • Oh, I forgot about the sitting feet... But I will make sure to fix this with the next update.

    Regarding your contest pictures: I liked the DeviantArt's Fella a lot and think it is your best picture so far. So you are on a good way! :) Compared to your older entries you used the parts in a more creative way, and this is what usually leads to higher ratings. Keep your clean style, but try to include more details. You might not have made it to the Top 5 the last time, but I think you can make it if you continue this way.


    Today's update is all about music! I drew seven new items.

    • headphones (custom color)
    • headphones around the neck (custom color)
    • Explorer guitar (costum color, contest wish by sexyshane)
    • grand piano (contest wish by Eggyslav)
    • recorder
    • small harp
    • big harp

    The simple old headphones / acoustic earmuffs (I can't remember what they were supposed to be in the first place ;)) got a costum color upgrade as well. And I fixed two small errors with the dresses and the Frankenstein bolts.


    From now on you can choose from 200 different colors when you create your SP-Studio characters. I am sure this will help you to be even more creative! :) Hair, shirts, skin, backgrounds… every item which uses the palette benefits from this update. The colors are better sorted now so you can find a fitting color combination easier than before. I chose the different shades for every color myself instead of using an automatic script to do this to make sure everything looks like I want it to look.

    As a bonus more eye make-up, horns and wings from the “make-up and extra body parts” category have turned into custom color items. And I made little improvements to many hair styles because looking at old drawings can feel pretty awkward. I changed black lines to dark lines (depending on the selected color) and fixed small "holes" between hair and body.

    I am looking forward to seeing your colorful SP-Studio pictures!

  • Personally, I think this might be the single most useful update we've ever had. :thumbup:

  • I am glad most people seem to like it, because it's a pretty big change and changes are not always easy to handle. And it actually was a very useful update for myself as well, because when working on the palette I learned some VERY useful things about ActionScript coding! :) For example I felt like a king when I finally (after so many years...) managed to get variables working. This makes it easier for me to include new "custom color items" and it opens the door for some exciting updates in the future. The upcoming updates will include some new features for the SP-Studio which will be very helpful for those who enjoy working on detailed pictures :).


    A "stuff" update with some wishes and some random items:

    • a pocket watch
    • a custom color feather boa
    • field glasses
    • a magnifying glass
    • fire in the foreground
    • a custom color devil’s tail
    • a straight razor
    • a shoulder-fired missile / bazooka
    • sunglasses (Jackie O / Kurt Cobain style)
    • glass of wine
    • vinyl record
    • 5 new shirt motifs (basic shapes)

    My wepaons always look a little bit strange... but the rest is okay I hope :).

  • A quick surprise update in between moving. I am not in a creative mood right now because I have to work so much on other things, but I hope this is useful for some pictures :).


    18 additional flags were added to the category “stuff – shirt motifs”!

    Many SP-Studio users have asked me for more flags as shirt motifs, so here you go. Some of them were requested, some of them I picked because I know many SP-Studio users come from these countries. Please don’t be sad if your country is not included yet. You can suggest it in the comments for future flag updates.

    The new flags belong to:

    India, China, South Korea, North Korea, Ukraine, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Israel, Greece, Egypt, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, European Union

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