Update: Creepy places (FNAF & liminal spaces)

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    Discover two creepy indoor places inspired by modern horror phenomena!

    Liminal spaces / the backrooms have becoma a huge topic among fans of internet horror and lead to a great series of short films by Kane Pixels. It’s an aesthetic which shows empty places which feel surreal and creepy because of the lack of life, their architecture and lighting. Because several SP-Studio fans have requested a background like this, I have now drawn one.

    The second new indoor place is an office inspired by the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s video game franchise. But you can also use it as a detective’s office or for other purposes, because I didn’t want to limit it to just be useful for this one fandom. I hope you like the new places!


    And because it's Easter, you get a little Easteregg to go with it. These liminal spaces are often bigger than it seems at first sight...

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