A little but useful update: Contact

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    Today I included the "SP-Studio" menu for the forum again (it was lost during an updste). So you can access the other parts of the website directly from the forum. And I improved the contact forms for the SP-Studio a lot, because recently I get hundrets of messages and want to bring a bit order into this chaos. Many new users didn't know how to contact me or just used the wish voting form for everything. So here we go:

    Contact | SP-Studio

    This is a new "contact" landing page where I link to all the ways how to get in touch. I tried to make it as clear as possible. There are three different contact forms: General feedback, wish voting uploads and bug reports. Everything is optimised for mobile use with less text and a big red box on top explaining the most important rules.

    The new contact page will be included in the SP-Studio itself with the next update, but now it's already in the footer and main menu of the web pages and in the main menu of the forum.

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