• All I wanted to do was make a new profile picture as myself in South Park, but this website is too damn complicated for that, so now I have to go to other shitty websites to make one.

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    what's wrong with you? The way you behave is very impolite and immature.

    You know the internet is a place were real human beings communicate, right?

    I run this website alone and put years of work into it without charging you or forcing you to do anything. Show a little f***ing respect. Please.

    But I will reply to you, even if you act like this.

    Using the SP-Studio should be very easy. 6 year old kids use it and 90 year old grandparents. So if it appears to be too damn complicated for you there are two possible reasons:

    1. The server is overloaded at the moment because the SP-Studio became a TikTok trend about two weeks ago. There are simply too many people trying to reach it at the same time. Which is great! But this leads to loading problems.

    2. Or you are dumb.

    Because of the current server situation I assume it's the first reason though. :) The thing with the server is: Unfortunately I cannot do much about it at the moment. I don't earn enough money to pay for a bigger server. But I am working hard to improve the experience. Of course I want to make the Studio load better for everyone. It's just not in my hands when the server is overloaded due to this TikTok trend.

    And I receive a lot of angry messages lately... People who just tell me this sucks, without further information about their error. People who get angry at me. I am tired of it. So please excuse this honest reply.

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