Contest 02/2023: CHILD ACTORS

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    Create a SP-Studio picture about a kid from a (live action) movie or tv show. As a child actor counts every actor who was less than 18 years old when he or she played the role. While you can also show a child actor in other situations than in character, I guess we recognize them best when they play a famous role. Submit your picture until February 20th.

    Examples: Christina Ricci as Wednesday (Addams Family), Macaulay Culkin as Kevin (Home alone), Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin (Stranger Things), Linda Blair as Regan (The Exorcist), Judy Garland as Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz), Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Jackie Coogan as The Kid.

    Please remember: You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio, so do not edit with additional software (no cutting, drawing or filters). Don’t resize your picture to less than 300×300 px. Of course it must be your own creation.

    The rules are as always:

    1. CREATE a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the month
    2. UPLOAD your unedited picture until the 20th
    3. VOTING will start on the 21st on the contest page
    4. THE WINNERS will be announced at the start of next month
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    Congratulations to the winners!


    • 1) Macaulay Culkin as Kevin in Home Alone (by SpookyRookie)
      59 points
    • 2) Lisa Loring as Wednesday Adams (by Paul/Tony Maroj)
      31 points
    • 3) Danny Lloyd as Danny Torrance in The Shining (by Jareen2)
      22 points
    • 3) Noah Schnapp as Will in Stranger Things (by Blueskyy)
      22 points
    • 5) every badass kid in an apocalypse movie ever (by Zoo Wee Mama)
      20 points

    There were many pictures this time and many of them were really good. What a pleasure to look through them! :) And so many votes as well!

    I hope the high visitor numbers will stay for the next contest, even if this means we might still experience server issues. And I want to pick another topic that's appealing to our new kids. The next contest will start soon.

  • Hi Art.

    First of all. I love your Art-Works (Pun intended) and I think they are always praiseworthy. I dont remember your "Child-Actor" yet, but im sure it was a well executed spitting image, that deserved to appear in the Top 5. Btw. for your creative designs almost every time :) .

    Regarding your "complaint". I understand your objection, and I would have prefered an actual character too. And I also worried about the votes several times.

    But when you bend the limits of the topic a bit further, a typical trope or stereotype can be legitimate too. And it was at least a creative idea.

    Remember; there wasnt much more than almost 10 Kevins and several characters from "Stranger Things" or "Harry Potter".

    And in the end counts as the romans used to say: "De gustibus non est disputandum." ;)

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for the kind words, Spooky! Very much appreciated! I hope my previous post didn't come off as sour grapes, it's just there's always at least one or two entries per contest that end up bending the rules, or don't really fit the theme.

    Not that I felt my entry deserved a spot, as I know it was one of my weaker ones. Still, I always try to put effort into mine, and even if they look simple, they likely still have a ton of assets used in some way.

  • No no, You just spoke out, what others for sure thought as well. and you are right. There are always pics that deviate far away from the theme. But I did something like this once, too, when i created a cute Terminator for the "Kawaii-Contest". I posted it above.

    I regarded it as one of my best and saw me as the winner. But it´s very ironical in relation to the theme, and so maybe I missed the TOP5 because the voters thought, that it went to far from the requirement.

    Maybe it´s like the "Oscars". Even there, sometimes some Nominees not fitting the category at all, win the award. f.E. In 1998 Roberto Begnini won "Best Actor" for his silly and awkward overacting in "Life is beautyful". Another Nominee was Edward Norten for "American History X" Nuff said :]

    But I think,, ultimately it is up to Janina to decide how far the rules can be bend..

    Putting effort in it. I know,. Art... I know.

    Sometimes Art-work is really hard work,

    whilst creating a really smart work ;)

    (Quoted from a silly fart jerk) :D

    Sometimes I use shi*loads of items and still miss the spot. Then suddenly a spark of genius hits me on the forehead and i nail the topic with a few clicks.

    The simple ones are often the most well thought out. And therefore are often underestimated.

    Transporting a lot of expression and/or emotion with something that leaves the impression of beeing created effortless is the peak of art for me.

    I appreciate even your weaker ones, because they are at least always creative in the making,like using items in a way they are not meant for,or designing an unusual setting by using multiple backgrounds There are only a few here, that use this playground so creative like you or for example Jareen2..

    Excelsior :artist:

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    Thanks for the kind words, Spooky! Very much appreciated! I hope my previous post didn't come off as sour grapes, it's just there's always at least one or two entries per contest that end up bending the rules, or don't really fit the theme.

    These are legit concerns and I too had my doubts if I should allow the picture. So I guess it's best to describe my thought process when I decide which pictures pass for the contests. At least I want to try to describe it as good as I can. :)

    How are the contest pictures chosen?

    First of all it's important to know that about half of the pictures which were uploaded got deleted. Unfortunately this happens with every contest. Most of them are just random SP-Studio pictures which are not connected to the topic at all. Some are way too small. Some aren't even SP-Studio pictures, just spam. So before I even start thinking about the borderline cases, I have already had to reject a lot of (sometimes really good) images by people who clearly did not care about the rules.

    With this in mind it might be easier to understand, why I tend not to be so strict in borderline cases. These picture already are the best of the best (regarding "fitting the rules") after a lot of rubbish was removed. I mainly care about two things: I want the contests to be fun and want to reward those who read the rules - and if it's a creative approach I don't want to punish this. It's a creativity contest after all. In this special case I read my description of the topic and with no word I wrote that the child actor must be a specific real-life-person. So it was my own fault that I did not write this.

    Usually there's just one concern I have...

    What if a picture gets in the Top5 just because it's "different" and not because it's actually well made?

    I cannot deny that this happened before. I remember the case of the "egg" which won the Influencer contest. Justine won the contest before with a complicated picture, so she clearly was experienced enough. Then she won the next contest with the egg, which was just a very funny idea, but easy to build. I could have deleted it because when we think of "influencers" we think of human beings. Or because it was "too easy". But I appreciated her creativity and others could laugh about it as well. For me this is the perfect example for when I allowed to bend the rules so everybody can have a good time. As long as it stays an exception! Since the egg I have deleted many pictures which went in a similar direction but seem just lazy and not creative. Minimalism like this was funny once but should not become a trend. For example somebody uploaded a VR headset for the new AI contest - just this one item. This will not make it through.

    The important thing is: In my opinion it does not happen often that pictures which bend the rules steal the top spots from others. It's a very small problem compared to "unfair winning" through votes by friends or because you include a popular character into your picture. A pulic internet vote is never the fairest method to rate artworks. I just keep it this way because it's more fun since all of you are involved in the decision. If we want it as fair and unbiased as possible the pictures would be shown to a jury of SP-Studio (and art) experts - with no names attached to the pictures.

    So what I am trying to say is that usually nobody has a disadvantage if I allow one ore two pictures which are borderline cases after deleting tons of other pictures. So I tend to allow them to award the creativity. Sometimes it's even my own fault when I don't write the text clearly. But I take the contests seriously and decide from case to case, because I don't want that those who follow the rules closely feel cheated on.

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