Update: Work & Business Fashion

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    With today's big update 24 items have been added to the SP-Studio!

    You can go for a more professional office look now with a skirt suit, a bottom shirt with a tie and single ties with stripes and polka dots. Four different types of name tags can be found in the "accessories" category as well. I have been redrawing some work related outfits from the old SP-Studio because I did not like their look anymore, and there are several completely new ones. Dress up as an astronaut, pilot / captain, sailor, firefighter, paramedic, city wok guy, Raisins girl, priest, police officer (long & short sleeves) or nurse. Or how about an apron or a bulletproof vest to combine with any other shirt? I hope you enjoy this update. :)

    Complete list of items:


    • small name tag
    • "Hello" name tag
    • name badge clip
    • name badge around neck
    • tie (polka dots)
    • tie (stripes)
    • shoulder boards
    • police belt


    • Nurse cap

    Long shirts:

    • Skirt suit
    • Button shirt with tie

    Special shirts:

    • Space suit
    • Pilot / captain uniform
    • Sailor suit
    • Firefighter jacket
    • Paramedic jacket
    • City Wok outfit
    • Raisins outfiot
    • Police uniform (short sleeves)
    • Police uniform (long sleeves)
    • Cleric shirt
    • Apro
    • Bulletproof vest


    • Nurse dress

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