Instagram Hacks

  • My private Instagram account ZwergimBikini got hacked today. :sigh:

    Never reply to messages if somebody asks you for a favour by making a screenshot or following a link! Even if you know this person. Even if it's me.

    And if a hack happens to you - please inform your contacts as best as you can to keep them safe.

    I lost access to my whole Instagram account because the hacker instantly changed the password, email address and phone number. Not sure how he was able to do so, because I got emails from Instagram warning me about these changes... but the links to reverse them did not work. :argh: So my account which I used for many years is gone. I searched for a way to regain access for hours, but it seems like this method of hacking is bulletproof. Whoever did this already started to send messages to my friends to continue collecting accounts, but I was able to warn them in time. Not sure if this could be a bot, the conversations sound too "human" to me. But I am not sure.

    Since this seems to be a really big problem at the moment for many people I started this topic to warn everybody. It's not limited to Instagram. So make sure you use different passwords for different websites. I thought this could never happen to me, but when messages come from friends and the text sounds convincing I guess everybody can make a mistake. So be aware of this method and please warn your friends when your account is hacked.

    Update: He changed my old username to avoid reports.

    If you want to help me please report

  • Hey Janina...I managed to get my account back...this is how I did it:

    Follow the steps very carefully, you will then get an email confirmation that they will investigate and get back to you within 1 business day. I recommend monitoring your email so you can get to it before the hacker does.
    Once they verify that you are the true owner of the account, they will grant you access to your account...once you do, change everything back...your phone number, everything. Get two-step authentication as well so if anyone tries to hack you again, it won't happen.
    I'm so sorry the hacker who hacked me did this to you...I still feel horrible about it...

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