Update: Steampunk

  • spstudio_update_2022-02-28-624x624.jpg

    After my vacation and a busy month of work I am back with a new SP-Studio update. But I wished the year had started better. The events of last week overshadow everything now and my thoughts are with the Ukrainian people during these horrible times.

    If you look for some distraction I prepared new Steampunk related items for the SP-Studio… and perhaps a second Steampunk update will come next week, so feel free to suggest more.

    This is new:

    • 2 pair of boots: laced and buckled
    • 3 shirts: Tailcoat, striped vest and underbust corset
    • a layered skirt, a steampunk top hat and a braided updo as a new hairstyle

    The vest can be used without stripes as well if you select the same color for them. And the details on the corset and shoes can be hidden as well. So I hope you enjoy these new items not only for Steampüunk related pictures.

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