Forum problems

  • Since early November there are error messages when posting in the forum. I can make it work for a couple of hours, but this is no long term solution. So what's necessary is a forum update, because the cause of the error is the lack of updates.

    Usually this would not be a big deal, but during the last couple of days I tried to make the updates work and... well... they don't. The update proccess produces error messages as well. So after many frustrating hours I decided to install a new version of the forum and import the data from the old one.

    No user accounts or posts will be lost. There are backups for everything.

    But it will take time, because I might have to make a new design if there are problems copying the current one. With the Christmas special around the corner I am not sure if I can do this right now. But let's see what the next week brings. If I don't have to work much I can repair the forum.

    No matter how long the forum is "down": You can always write comments in the blog or Wish Voting gallery! I even updated the blog recently with a useful new sidebar. :) And Jareen's Discord Server is open for all types of conversations.

  • Hey, it seems like the forum is working again. Please tell me if you still experience problems!

    I was only able to install half of the updates, so most likely the problem is only postponed and not solved. But that's good enough for now. :)

  • Hmm... it seems like new registrations are not possible. :(

    So I will have to fix the forum, but I won't have time for this before January. Then I hav 3 weeks of vacation and can repair it.

  • Okay, we are back to the old problem.

    I will have to reinstall the whole forum, but I cannot promise when I will find the do this. In the meanwhile posting will be possible sometimes... but not always.

    I am very sorry, but there is nothing more I can do at the moment :(

  • This is still a problem.

    If you experience error messages it is the same problem as in November. During my vacation I take longer breaks from the computer, but to keep the forum going I need to press a button manually each day to remove the errors. This is why they appear more often now. I am sorry for this, but I plan to update the forum next week. Then the problem should be solved for good.


    So the errors should be gone now.

    To save everything I had to copy several settings manually. So if you notice anything strange that's different from the old version of the forum, please tell me about it. I already know the smileys are a bit off again, but I will look through this later because it's a bit annoying to edit them. ;)

    The rest should work fine now and I hope you continue to enjoy your time in this forum. :)

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