Wish Voting Gallery

  • The WISH VOTING GALLERY is back!

    This part of the website gives you the chance to submit ideas for new SP-Studio items I should draw. You can upload a picture with a short description and if I like the idea it will be added to the gallery. There everybody can rate and discuss it. When I work on future updates I will have a look at the gallery and it will help me to decide which popular requests to focus on first. So from now on please submit any item request to the gallery instead of posting it elsewhere. This way everything is in one place. :)

  • Another update wish 28 new wishes is online now!

    By the way: If you can think of any wishes related to steampunk or work / business fashion now is a good time to upload them, because these are the next two update topics. 🙂

    • Official Post

    65 NEW WISHES have been added to the Wish Voting Gallery today!

    I looked through hundrets of e-mails with requests to pick my favourite ideas, and now it is up to you to discuss them. Which do you like best? Write it in the gallery comments to improve their chances to be drawn for the SP-Studio in future updates.

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