SP-Studio Discord Server?

  • Would you use a SP-Studio Discord server? 7

    1. Sure! And I know some friends (not in the forum) who would join as well! (3) 43%
    2. Yes, I would visit a Discord server in addition to the forum (for smalltalk, voicechat...) (2) 29%
    3. No, I don't care about Discord and will just stay here in the forum (0) 0%
    4. No, I think this is a bad idea / might harm the forum / not worth the time (0) 0%
    5. What is Discord? Never heard of it. (2) 29%

    Since ArtisticFangirl brought up the question why we don't have a Discord server I think it is worth its own topic. In short: I will not do this now, but I will at least think about it.

    What are your thoughs about Discord?

    For a start I will copy my opinion about it from my reply message:

    I see the benefit in Discord... it's more like a chat compared to the forum, which might be more encouraging for some. You can talk to each other without the fear off spamming. But I am afraid it is not worth it, because not many people might be interested in joining. At the moment I already use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this forum, Patreon and reply to e-mails, so I want to avoid another platorm unless it is really promising. I like about the forum that we can socialize here. But there are not many posts... if I start a Discord Server and we have even less forum posts because of this AND just a couple of Discord posts this split would be a sad result. And even if Jareen moderates the new server (thanks for the offer :)) I'd want to have an eye on it because I feel responsible for official SP-Studio channels. It means more work for me, even with moderators. Time I might better use otherwise (for updates ;)). I know me... If there is a Discord server I will want to read everything.

    Another personal problem: I feel not at home in the South Park Discord communties I joined so far. There are a lot of things written I just don't get, and this already lead to some misunderstandings. I am not sure if it's inside jokes, English slang or just the age difference, but I never had these problems before in other communities. So I am a bit worried about Discord. If I start a Discord server I need to better understand the "cultural" aspect of Discord, because for example I will have to decide when to ban somebody for spamming or insults.

    But... I will think about it. :) Discord is an important platform and I see its benefits. I want to finish the old items and then I will have the time to decide which new things I want to focus on. If Discord will become a thing I will contact Jareen so we can plan what's most useful to have there.

  • I want to finish the old items and then I will have the time to decide which new things I want to focus on.

    I am also implementing the "wish voting" at the moment, so this will very likely come with the Discord server. It makes sense to combine those two to avoid spamming of item requests on the server.

    But September is very likely.

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