Here's my creations for you guys!

  • P.S: If anyone would like me to help them improve thier pics or to see how I'd do it, feel free to send me a link to your pic so I don't have to try and recreate it, and it also helps me to see what you used yourselves and that makes it easier for me to help!!!


    ~Paul/Tony Maroj

  • Janina let me know what you think!!

    You too Jareen2 !!!

    And Eggyslav let me know what you think of my storytelling!!!

    Please and thank you!!!

    1940s Mewlynn Meowrow.

    She sings like Jessica Rabbit

    And speaks like Betty Boop!!!

    In this snapshot, she is in a speak-easy, because prohibition is still in affect where she's at!

    So, she has to be careful not to be noticed going in and out of the place...

    Not as easy as one might think!

    For one thing; there are officers of the law everywhere in that vicinity, so sneaking out unnoticed?

    Is more than a little tricky...

    One day, she gets caught and what happens next is a mystery!

    Because the next day?

    Her body is found, HANGING from a church's bell tower...

  • And here she is!

    Bambina the Panda!!!

    She and Zeke will become the best of friends and continue that way for the rest of their lives!!!

    Can we say... Aaawwwwe....!!!💕😻

    Soooo... SWEET!!!


    I wonder whoo'll be next on the bus to join them?

    So, don't fly away!

    Stay tuned to find out!!!

    ;) ^^

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