Doctor Who - A Christmas Carrol

  • A special episode from the english fiction created with my friends. Characters were created with SP Studio.

    Here's the link for the full episode (Italian language):

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  • Looks very interesting. Creating an animated film takes quite some effort. Especially when you make the characters walk all the movements look very convincing. Alas, my Italian isn't good enough to understand very much of the dialogue. Do you plan to create an English version?

    By the way, how did you create the backgrounds? They don't exactly look the South Park style.

  • This looks amazing, I love it!

    I did some animation in the past so I know how difficult it is and how much work you must have put into this. This looks way more professional than anything I ever did.

    May I share a link to the video on the SP-Studio Twitter / Facebook accounts?

  • Thank you for your compliments! Yes, it took many hours of work, but what fun! This is a remake of the original episode we made in 2016 (there was also a complete series with 16 episodes and another special). I added English subtitles, so you can enjoy the episode.

    David, the backgrounds are created with The Sims 4.

    Janina of course you can, thank you! Your Studio is really amazing.

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