• Indeed this is no longer possible because the coding works this way. Every item has a unique ID and when you change its color or position this is saved. So unfortunately dupliactes won't work because there's just this single ID they'd have to share.

    In Flash it was only possible because I included the same item three times (= three IDs) for the "freestyle collection". So it wasn't even clever coding, it was just three items that looked the same and some boring extra work for me. ;) The new "lock" system brings more possibilities because it works for all 1500 objects (soon 2000) and not just for 65 shirts. So I don't really think it's less fun this way, because instead of combining two bikini tops you can choose from a wider variety of tops. But who knows - perhaps it will be possible in the future to have duplicates? I would not completely deny it yet.

    Regarding a "shapes" category: I remember discussing this sveral years ago and we came to the conclusion that it would be strange to have an abstract category only a small amount ot people asked for. And as far as I remember some of you told me the fun for them in building creative pictures was to use regular objects in a different way, so extra shapes would be boring. This is why I never included it. But there already are some shapes in the shirt motifes category and I see no reason why not to include more there. :)

    The button to turn off shadows should make a huge difference though, because I makesure more items than before will react to it. This will make it possible to use big items without shadows as shapes - not just hair.

  • A little update on the upcoming updates:

    Now that I know what workload to expect from my daytime job during the next weeks I am afraid I won't be able to include all the missing items this month. I would love to... but work comes first since I already took a lot of time off for the SP-Studio relaunch. Two important and time consuming website projects have started and I cannot let my clients wait. So the SP-Studio roadmap looks like this (this is just the current plan):

    • During January and February my ygoal is to have one update every Sunday until all old items are back.
    • Every update will focus on one incomplete category.
    • You will spot one or two new surprise items in each of these updates to make them more interesting. :)

    Initially my plan was to only focus on the old items until they are complete, but it might bore you to see week after week with just old items. So I will add a small amount of new items to spice things up a bit.

    The updates on features which require complex coding (improved loading times, button to turn off shading,...) depend on Lars and might come in between my content updates or later.

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