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    It’s finally here!

    Three years of preparations by optimizing all my drawings, three months of developing by Lars and now I am proud and happy to present you the new SP-Studio. No Flash is required anymore and it will run in every browser – so go ahead and give it a try! An link to the old SP-Studio will be added later, so it won't be lost. If you want to use the mobile version just visit the website, no app store is required. You find many new items as well, but I let you discover them for yourselfs.

    I want to thank everybody who supported me during these years – with your donations, your knowledge and your kind words. Your help made this possible!

    The only important bug so far is that the mobile version is not working offline yet (Lars might be able to fix this, but it is more complicated than expected). As long as you stay online everything should be fine. :)

  • What a delight! And so many new possibilities!

    By the way, I got an idea regarding the naming of the creature category: In high art - and SP-Studio undoubtedly qualifies as such - animals and people in the background of a paintig are called staffage figures (Figurenstaffage in German).

  • Thank you! :)

    I am very happy to finally see the reactions now and how people are enjoying it. This feels good after hiding it for so long and after all the trouble with the development. It looks like there are no important bugs to fix, so I can take some days off and will only reply to feedback and enjoy looking at SP-Studio pictures during this time.

    Regarding the "creatures" category: This is a fun idea but I am afraid most people would not understand the meaning and so it would be a bit confusing.

  • Right now I am dealing with visitors who don't understand how to recolor the blue skin... so I try to make things as easy and clear as possible. ;)

    Totally unrelated: Here's something special for everybody to play with during the holidays! Since Flash will stop working soon I decided to publish all the old versions of the SP-Studio. Get some nostalgic feelings by browsing through the versions from 2002 until 2020. :)


    It was tricky to get these old babies working again, but they should now run fine (as long as the Flash plugin is running). Only the save button won't work.

  • I hope you had nice holidays! :)

    Even though we took some days off Lars and I uploaded a surprise hot fix:

    - a loading animation was added (so you know the website did not crash)
    - some pressing item bugs were fixed

    - the app version should work now (not sure about offline though)

    - desktop view: I added the info box again about supporting the SP-Studio with donations (the ad banner is not working yet so I really need this)

    A similar box will be used for the contests when they return in January. See you then!

  • Sorry, this was done on purpose. I decided to change this item because I wanted to have a more coherent feel to this category. Transparent shades on the one hand and single stubbles of hair on the other.

  • Is just me or the New SP-Studio is not working on my phone anymore? When i clicked the link of the site on Google Chrome, it took a while to open and when it did, the page started to load forever and the game does not appear.

    At first, i thought it was a just a silly Google glitch, but i tested the site on Safari and the page still incessantly loads, i also checked my internet connection and it seemed fine.

    Is this is a bug?

  • This is the first report of this kind, so I cannot tell what might have caused it. Is anybody else experiencing these problems?

    Have you tried to clear the browser cache in the Chrome settings?

  • It's difficult to tell right now what might be the reason... the loading times seem to vary a lot. I'll report it to Lars, but we will have to dig deeper into what exactly causes this.

    DavidSchwarz Did you experience the loading problems on your smartphone or PC? Or on both?

  • I'm back from my little break and will continue to include all items from the old SP-Studio and fix some minor bugs. :) The plan is to release an update this weekend, but I will have to see how busy my first week of work will be.

    @ former betatesters: Since I am still using the same test server the former beta testers might be able to see what I am working on if I test it online - but your job is officially over, so you can avoid looking if you don't want to spoil anything to yourself. If you want to have a look feel free to do so and of course you can still report bugs to the bug report. But please don't spoil anything for others by writing about it in public. ;)

  • So is it no longer possible to have duplicate clothing items at the same time? In the past, for example, I'd layer two or three of the strapless bikini item to fill out areas of a creation, or if I needed a flat-ish edge somewhere. But now, by locking the items in place, this is no longer possible since you can only have one of the same item. Using clothing items in ways not intended is (was) half the fun, and I'd say most of my entries involved using multiple t-shirts/bikini tops, etc. Most of my old entries would no longer be possible with the new set up.

    As a future update, may I suggest a "shapes" category? With various sizes that can be layered?

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