Contest 11/2020: INFLUENCERS

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    The topic of the month of November is INFLUENCERS! Or web celebrities in a wider sense, but the other term was shorter. Pick human beings who are most famous for their online activity - like YouTube videos, Twitch streams, Instagram photos or blog posts. VTubers who look like anime characters count as well because real people speak and perform for them. Fictional inflluencers only count if they come from a famous tv-show, movie or book. So no OCs please and no pictures of your little sister who has three followers on TikTok. I guess that means I don't count as well. ;)

    You might wonder if an actor, politician or musican counts if their online activity is not their main reason for fame. For example we can argue if Donald Trump would count... he is very active on Twitter but his main job should be being president, even if he does not do it justice. I'd say: Please try to pick somebody else, because today every celebrity has a lot of followers and so this topic would be a bit boring. Feel free to ask me if you are not sure about your influencer!

    The rules are as always:

    1. CREATE a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the month
    2. UPLOAD your unedited picture until the 20th
    3. VOTING will start on the 21st on the contest page
    4. THE WINNERS will be announced at the start of next month

    Rules for pictures:

    Your picture must be at least 300×300 px big (not the small size). You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio, so don’t edit with additional software. No cutting, background rotating or color changes. Of course it must be your own creation. And it must fit the topic of the month. Add a fitting title / description to show how it is related to the topic.

  • Perhaps the name feels a bit uncomfortable, but you can pick anybody who's kind of famous / successful on the internet. For example I really like the GiantBomb team when it comes to videogame coverage. And there are some YouTubers who produce high quality video essays. So it does not have to be one of those superficial "influencers" we think of first.

  • Congratuations to the winners!

    Contest 11/2020: Influencers

    The egg
    1) ThisJustine
    The egg

    (19 points)

    2) Jareen2

    (14 points)

    3) Banaan

    (13 points)

    post malone
    4) OleJoeShimo
    post malone

    (10 points)

    5) TigerRocks50

    (9 points)

    ThisJustine did it again, so it will be interesting to see if Jareen2 can fight back in the next contest. :) Unfortunately you will have to wait a month for this, because there will be no contest in December. Things will be a chaotic because of the relaunch, and I want to concentrate on this first. The contest page might be down for some days after launch because I still hope to find a different plugin, but it will return in January.

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