The development of the SP-Studio remake in 2020

  • The goal is to launch it at the end of the year, and the estimated date so far is Christmas. But this is by no means an official release date yet. :)

    While I bet Lars will finish the coding part in time (he's super fast and organized) my own experience with a huge project like this is non existent. So if it takes longer than expected I am pretty sure it's because of me. It's difficult for me to know how long certain things will take. Including all the items takes its time and I want everything to look good. But right now I think late December should be possible.

    I am planning to contact a small amount of people as beta testers around the end of November. So...

    If anybody wants to be a beta tester, you can already tell me here in this thread!

    These are the tasks I will most likely assign to beta testers:

    • Click through all of the items to make sure they appear in the right place / don't crash / have the item options which make sense.
    • Test if the items change all shades of colors correctly when you select new colors. But you don't have to check every color for every item.
    • Combine different functions / items randomly to find bugs which only appear with certain combinations. Is the layer order logical?
    • If you notice visual bugs regarding the UI (strange gaps, too small fonts,...) please tell me about them as well. Test on different computers / mobile devices if possible.
    • You can also help with corrections for the item names (I hope to find at least one native speaker for German and one for English).

    If you want to help with this and have time in early December, you are welcome. :) But there will be no open beta because I don't feel like it makes sense. It's better to have a small group of people and split up the tasks between them to avoid chaos.

  • Unfortunately it's a lot of boring work right right now because I am just adding more of the old items. So there is nothing interesting to tell about or show.

    But Lars fixed a bug with the new save buttons, so both of them are fully working now and this part is ready for launch day! :)

    1) As already shown in the livestream you can save an URL to continue working on your picture later or share it with a friend who wants to edit it in the SP-Studio.

    2) You can also save your picture as a (non transparent) png file. I got rid of the different sizes because it felt like an unnecessary option. Lars can spend this time better with coding other things. Today most websites allow the upload of big image files and resize them automatically, so it feels dated to offer small image sizes for download. 800 x 800 pixel will be the new standard size. I though about going even higher but I feel like the quality decreases too much.

    He coded one more thing I haven't talked about yet, but I want to keep this a surprise for now. ;)

  • Today I asked Lars about it. I thought we will add it a couple of months after launch, but... well... he already included this without me noticing it! :joy:

    So I can officially announce now:


    And it's super easy so use: You just have to select the current background and delete it. It also works with items which are partly transparent (like glasses or the fog effect).

  • Here's a quick status report:

    Except for one new function I haven't talked about yet (surprise! ;) ) everything planned for the launch version is working now. Saving, item categories, item options,... Lars will code the last missing feature and apart from this we will focus on the design. During this month we will most likely finish the "big" desktop version and finalize the details of the design. Then I will show it at another live stream. I will also do my best to get all items ready for the new SP-Studio. The plan is to finish this part by the start of December so the beta testers can test all items. The rest of December I want to focus on the website and update its design to fit the new SP-Studio. I'll also have to write some new texts and update old ones. And then the launch will be at the end of December (it looks good so far). :)

  • There’s still a chance to have a "save as a SVG file option" in the day of the launch or after launch? Like, you said most itens categories and options are running smoothly thanks to your coder.

    I know there’s still a lot of work left, but I’m asking that because even though i already have a South Park character base psd file, i sadly can’t upload this file on my phone due to it being way too big, the file is able to open only on my laptop, and i want to make South Park characters and comics with my phone because i don’t always have my laptop with me.

  • There’s still a chance to have a "save as a SVG file option" in the day of the launch or after launch?

    There will definitely be no SVG option for launch. And to be honest I would not count on it being added later...

    But if it's just about a naked base shape for your own characters I might be able to help you. Which picture editing app do use on your phone?

  • Here's a little preview to show how the custom color options improve the old t-shirts:


    I feel like this is a huge step forward to more creative freedom when it comes to shaping your own characters. :) It's a lot of fun to play with the colors now.

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