Tabletop Simulator meet-up?

  • SInce I am a long time fan of this software and Jareen bought a copy recently as well I wonder: Can we form a little group for some online boardgame fun? :)

    Steam link:

    The Tabletop Simulator is a game you can buy on steam, but it's more of a tool or platform than an actual game. The TTS community uses it to recreate popular boardgames (or make up their own). So when you have the TTS installed you can choose from tons of different games to play with your friends. The amount of titles in the workshop is amazing and the one time cost is small compared to this library of games you get access to. There are classics like Catan or The game of Life, party games like Cards against Humanity or Taboo and current favorites like Gloomhaven, Pandemic Legacy or Wingspan.

    So... does anybody else use the TTS or would want to give it a try?

  • In my group Wingspan and The Crew (both won "Kennerspiel des Jahres" awards) or the classic Pandemic are beloved games for smaller groups and Mysterium and Just One for bigger groups. And perhaps one of my personal favorites Monikers. So those would be my first recommendations. Wingspan is a very tactical experience while the others have simple rules.

  • To add an extra game. This one you can play from 3 up to 6 players. Sherrif of Nottingham. It is a really fun game which I played today.

    Here are the rules

    There are 5 types of cards in the game (Normal cards are green, contrabands are red).

    Each person tries to bring as much items as possible to the market to make as much money. But contrabands are forbidden.
    So every turn a person is the sherrif and questions the people what they are bringing in. You always can only declare one type. So lets say you have 4 apples. you say 4 apples. But it could also be that you are carrying 2 apples 1 chicken and 1 contraband.

    It is up to the sherrif to decide to let you pass or check your bag. If a sherrif finds a non declared item you will get a fine for it and contrabands will be put in the discard pile. Non contrabands can be placed in the market after paying the fine. the worth of the items are in the gold coins numbered. the fines in the red. But if you are telling the truth and sherrif decided to search your bag the sherrif has to pay you a fine. Sneaking passed contrabands will increase your money more then normal cards but it more risky

    you can also bribe the sherrif to not check your bag with money, saying you won't check his next time. Or pay to let him/her search another persons bag. Of course you can outbid the other person to the sherrif. But it is up to the sherrif to decide who he/she searches and who not. The person with the most cash in the end wins

    So basicly it is a bluf game. It might sound difficult but really isn't.

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