Update: Science Fiction

  • The Science Fiction update is online! It comes with these new items:

    • a cyberpunk city background
    • a spaceship bridge background
    • a crop circles background
    • a wormhole background
    • an U.F.O.
    • an uniform inspired by Star Trek
    • a made up Sci-Fi uniform
    • a laser blaster
    • a force field
    • cyborg lines for the skin

    Apart from the Star Trek uniform I wanted to keep the items not too specific for fans of certain franchises, so none of them are copied from movies or videogames. This was kinda difficult for me, because I am not good at inventing weapons. ;) But now I am satisfied with the results and I hope you like them as well.

    Thank you for you patience regarding this update. I needed a break after my grandpa passed away last month, but I feel better now. And I started streaming again! The next Twitch livestream is scheduled for next Monday at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CET).


    By the way.., this update was truely haunted. :gnnn: When I wanted to upload it yesterday my internet connection died. I uploaded it with the help of y mobile hotspot today.