men in black

  • what do you think about the movies? or do you know the old comics, what about them?

    I just saw MiB³ here my review:
    Its a movie I waited for a long time (well, actually not verry long, but it felt like) and I must say, Its great. If you're a genre fan, watch it and if you have seen the recent parts, watch it. And if not, watch it.
    Lots of people, me included, dont like 3D movies. But i think this was made verry well. And it is a movie were it fits to use 3D, its not just one of those "we produce it in 3D, a cinema ticket costs 10€" -movies.
    and the effekts were great, too. The aliens looked great and everything.
    The storry surprised me. the recent parts had a... good but not so verry well story. But this time I was really surprised!
    The new actors have been picked well, too. The younger version of K fits well.

    at last, I am interested, does someone know: is it based one one of the comics or was the story written for ths here?

    looking foreward to read you opinion!

  • The first Men In Black film was one of the best movies made in the 90's.
    It's still in my Top 10 favorite movies list.

    I thought the second film, however, was rather weak. I wasn't very happy with it.
    So...I don't think I'm gonna waste my money seeing the third movie...=/