Help: How i edit a SP-Studio picture on MS Paint?

  • I’m pretty sure many people here use Photoshop or Illustrator to edit their SP-Studio pictures, but i only use MS Paint, is there a way to draw or edit my pictures without having to use a drawing tablet?

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  • You can finde some tips on the F.A.Q. page when you scroll down to "3) IMAGE EDITING: Advice for advanced users":

    I described how you can combine two SP-Studio pictures with MS Paint to show more than one character. But unfortunately MS Paint is very limited.

    If you want to draw in the picture my advice is to zoom in a lot with the magnifier tool. I always use my mouse and no drawing tablet, so drawing this way is possible. But it is easier when you zoom in.

    If you need more colors for your edits you can click on the button to edit the palette (it's right from the existing colors in MS Paint) and mix a new color. A good tool is also the tool for color selection, because then you can pick one of the original colors used in the SP-Studio picture.

    And if you want to use something more powerful than MS Paint I can recommend (it's free and works in the browser).

  • You could try if your tablet works with Pixlr. It might look complicated at first, but perhaps it's worth it. This software offers many features typical for Photoshop.

    Oh, and Gimp ( ) is another free software like Photoshop. You download and install it on your computer, so compared to Pixlr it's a bit more stable. And since it is well known perhaps it is supported by your tablet.