Thoughts on the New SP-Studio’s initial design

  • It was a tough decision, because I like him as well. But the coding for the menu guy would have been complicated in the new coding language. Since I cannot do the coding myself this time but get help from a professional coder I had to pick which features are less important than others. And I felt like the menu guy was not as important as custom colors or the ability to move items. So this is why the beta version uses simple buttons instead of the menu guy.

    But who knows? Maybe he will come back later. This is just the first concept for the main menu.

  • No, I only shared screenshots of the current UI and the new category system for the items.

    The beta version is working, but there was no sense in sharing it yet because it only has the most rudimentary features. You can select a category, click on the thumbnail of an item and the item appears. The layer system works as well. But since there is no room for actual errors yet I did not publish anything for beta testing.

    And to be honest since last year there have been no improvements on the coding, because I moved houses in autumn and then my coder was very busy. I hope to hear from him soon so we can continue with the coding of the functions.

    What I am only working on since last year are the image files. There are thousand of them and I need to edit all of them, so even though I don't code there is enough to do. But you don't see any changes on the beta version as long as I just work on the images.

  • I should point out that I trust him. :) I am very grateful for his skilled help, and he even offered to work for free to support this project.

  • I hope the New SP-Studio launches around late July or early August.

    I need to make comics and bases on my phone, since i can’t do in my laptop since my drawing tablet was mainly designed to scan artwork

    Also, i suck at drawing with my mouse ?(