Why i think the South Park Style needs to stay in the new version.

  • SP-Studio is a game that i really love, but i think it should stay as a fan game, if the South Park style and items related to the show get removed, people will stop playing and there aren’t many Avatar creators of the show(There’s CustomSouthPark.com and the horrible official avatar creator, but they’re very inferior to this game in my opinion).

    Yeah, i know there are people who play SP-Studio who haven’t heard of South Park, but I’m sure many people initially played this game because of South Park.

    feel free to comment.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Why i think the South Park Style needs to stay.” to “Why i think the South Park Style needs to stay in the new version.”.
  • I will keep the South Park style for sure, because it would be a shame to throw nearly 20 years of work (or of my life to speak so) in the trash. :)

    What might happen in the distant future is that I add a second version where I will experiment with my own drawing style. Then both versions will exist and get updates. While I understand that South Park fans are not interested in this it is a very personal wish because I am not a big South Park fan anymore and would love to be more creative. Another reason are the legal limitations that come with fan art, because it's never your "own thing". For example app stores would not allow a SP-Studio app if I use the South Park style. And often other websites stole my stuff and I wasn't able to do anything against it. This is very frustrating. But to be honest: the main reason why I want to try a new style is because this always was a personal project and I want to enjoy working on it in the future. When you are not a fan of the show anymore this might become difficult.

    But for now there is only one version: the South Park style. :) And when the new SP-Studio launches it will only be this style.

    Developing my own style is very difficult for me and until now I am not satisfied yet. It's just a thing I would love to try in the future, but other steps are more important right now. My main goal is to get the new version launched at the end of this year and until then I won't work on other character designs.

  • That’s great :)

    I hope you launch the New Version on late June or early July.

    Also, have you played CustomSouthPark.com? I heard rumors that this site was inspired on SP-Studios.

  • CustomSouthPark.com is not loading for me. But I know a site by a similar name from the past... well, I hope it's not the same? Because this website stole my whole work from me several years ago. When I wrote the webmaster an e-mail about it he insulted me. This was my last experience with "CustomSouthPark" and since then I avoided to talk about this website. It should not be shared, because stealing from others is wrong and insulting others as well.

    But this happened many many years ago so it might be a totally different website by different people.

  • I think it’s the same website, maybe it’s not loading on your browser anymore because of their outdated coding? I don’t know. :(

    I noticed how similar the website’s style was from your site, but I’ve seen very few

    avatars of this site on internet, so, it’s not very popular.

  • Oh, I forgot to reply to this:

    I hope you launch the New Version on late June or early July.

    Unfortunately it will more likely be November. It takes longer than expected because the coding is complicated and I cannot do it alone. I have a coder, but he works voluntarily on this project and so I cannot tell when he will find the time.

  • But I’m pretty sure the new SP-Studio will launch earlier, i really want to play this game on my phone because i need to make some comics and edits, plus, my computer skills aren’t the best :P

    Take the time you need to finish the game, though.