Corona pandemic

  • I know it might be annoying to read about this everywhere, but I want to wish you the best for these crazy times. Stay safe and healthy! While the virus is no danger to most of us I take the social distancing and hygiene very seriously, because of the old or sick people.

    How's the situation in your country? Do you feel prepared?

    Here in Germany it seems like we had much luck in the beginning, because the first cases were quickly under supverision and this bought us some time before the virus started to spread without control. Those who were infected first took it seriously and were tested. Our health care system is pretty good, but still it's not enough to avoid a situation like in some places of Italy, so right now we are told to flatten the curve. To make this happen schools are closed and events are cancelled (TV shows without an audience feel kinda strange). Now some borders are closed as well for some cases, but I don't think this has an influence on the virus anymore since it's already in the country. But it helps to avoid empty shelves in the border regions if people cross borders to shop.

    While I trust in our scientists and am happy our politicians seem to take them seriously I am annoyed by our federal system right now. For example the decision about closing schools had to be made by every single state's government, and the main government of Germany could only advise. So some of them just made their own rules. I guess in serious emergencies there should be special rules for all to avoid chaos like this. And there is not enough testing. More than in other countries, but it could be way better.

    While our politicians take things seriously (boy, I can't stomach Trump right now) I feel like many people don't feel affected yet. They worry about toilet paper but still want to party or visit their grandparents. I guess this will change as soon as we reach a critical number of cases, so it's like a "before the storm" situation right now. I live in a small town since last year and don't need to leave it for work, so I'm fine.

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