• Who else is playing?

    I have just entered the thrid act with my lvl 26 witch doctor. What an awesome game! As a huge fan of Diablo II I wasn't sure if I would like the changes, but until now I am very satisfied. It plays so comfortable and most annoying things have been replaced by intersting new ideas. The amount of detail put into this game is amazing. I just hope the complete change of the skill system will work out, but only time will tell.

    One of my favorite WD skills so far is this cute guy :love: .

    [Blocked Image: http://www.planearium.de/private/diablo3_koloss.jpg]

    And maybe the clothes will inspire me to draw a Diablo III fashion update for the SP-Studio next month ;).

  • I got The Ultimate Evil Edition for last year's christmas, and I'm playing on my PS3, AND I LOVE IT. My Demon hunter is almost lvl. 70 now, and I also made a Wizard and Crusader characters. I especially love the adventure mode, and the co-op is great, whenever my sister comes down, we like to sit down, and play (Sylwia also likes the Witchdoctor, and she has a monk Character). And when I play alone, I choose the Templar for a companion, because he's a good tank, taunting monsters, so i won't get aggro'd, and healing.

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