Contest 10/2019: FEARS & PHOBIAS

  • contest_2019-09.png

    Since it’s Halloween soon this month’s SP-Studio contest topic is FEARS & PHOBIAS. Create a SP-Studio picture about something we might be afraid of – heights, spiders, creepy clowns, the dark… Think of an interesting scene for your picture. :gnnn:

    The rules are as always:

    1. CREATE a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the month
    2. UPLOAD your unedited picture until the 20th
    3. VOTING will start on the 21st on the contest page
    4. THE WINNERS will be announced at the start of next month

    Rules for pictures:

    Your picture must be at least 300×300 px big (not the small size). You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio, so don’t edit with additional software. No cutting, background rotating or color changes. Of course it must be your own creation. And it must fit the topic of the month. Add a fitting title to show how it is related to the topic.