Update: Movie fashion

  • Movie fashion 1

    We are moving houses, so I decided to continue with a couple of small updates during October and November. You won’t have to wait so long for the next one, that’s a promise. :) And you can make suggestions in the comments. My Patreon supporters chose the topic: Fashion inspired by Hollywood! But this time I don’t want to focus on superhero costumes or other very unique stuff. I will draw more casual outfits which can be worn by everybody so they are useful for all types of characters. And I might change some details to make them fit better with the SP-Studio. These are the first three of them:

    • A striped suit with fitting pants inspired by Michael Keaton’s outfit in “Beetlejuice”.
    • A 60s leather jacket / turtleneck combo inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s outfit in “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.
    • A yellow dress inspired by Emma Stone’s outft in “La La Land.”


  • I explained it before, but just in case you missed it: My move went a little bit more chaotic than expected. We got the chance to move earlier and my room needed a makeover before I could use it, so I wasn't able to work on SP-Studio updates for several weeks. But I promised more movie fashion, so I sat down today and finished the costumes I initially wanted to add for Halloween. Tomorrow the Christmas Special will start as usual. :)

    These new clothes are inspired by two horror icons of the 80s: Chucky the killer doll (Child's Play) and Pamela Vorhees (Friday the 13th).