DC Universe

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    LtoR: Niles "The Chief" Caulter, Cliff "Robotman" Steele, Larry "Negative Man" Trainor, Rita "Elasti-Woman" Farr, "Crazy Jane" Morris, Victor "Cyborg" Stone and Eric "Mr. Nobody" Morden.

    So last year DC Comics created their own streaming service, with original programming.

    While Titans was good, the highlight of the show was the backdoor pilot for Doom Patrol. I was hyped.

    The first 2 episodes were amazing, surpassed all my expectations and to stop me rambling, I'm gonna break it down by Character:

    The Chief: I fucking love Timothy Dalton and when I found out he was replacing Bruno Bichir, I couldn't wait. I found The Chief too sinister in Titans but what we see of him so far gets the manipulative but well intentioned genius perfectly.

    Robotman: Brendan Fraser is the heart of this team, he is equal parts tragic and sweet and all his emotions come through perfectly in the amazing animatronic costume.

    Negative Man: I want to cosplay as this guy. Matt Bomer brings so much charm and humor to Larry and the changes they made to the backstory really added to the character. We don't know much about his soul-self but what we've seen so far could lead to the most interesting relationship in the show.

    Elasti-Woman: We still haven't seen the majority of her backstory but April Bowlby brings so much personality you feel like you know all about her already. Her powers are clearly not developed but i'm looking forward to her arc of learning to control them. And the contrast of a sophisticated, studious Old Hollywood actress having to devour 3 rotisserie chickens is always funny..

    Crazy Jane: The character I knew the least going in, but they aren't holding back with her 64 personalities. It's easy to tell them apart with their powers all shown and the creative choice of having her make-up and hair change with each of them. She's a little annoying in the first 2 episodes.. but I can see what they are trying to do. She's the youngest and the baby of the team and it's clear the other members are imprinting their lost children onto her.

    Cyborg: He isn't in the first episode so I don't have much to go off of, but after seeing how the only main cast member not to be affiliated with the Doom Patrol gets involved.. it makes more sense that I thought it would. He has no doubts about being a superhero which is so refreshing after seeing the "I am a monster!" plot done to death with the character. As predicted, he has great chemistry with Robotman though his costume leaves a lot to be desired...

    Mr. Nobody: The main villain and the 4th wall breaking narrator. He is hilarious, surreal, sinister and enigmatic. They took the unadaptable design from the comics in an incredibly interesting direction and he is Alan Tudyk. What else do I have to say?

    Check it out if you can. This show is the best Superhero TV show in years and the only one where I can't see any obvious budget constraints. They all have their powers, designs and personalities.

    Let's hope Titans season 2, Swamp Thing and Star Girl follow suit.