New forum!

  • The forum is back! :joy:

    As you might have read the old forum was killed by a PHP update on the server. Now I managed to import all user accounts, topics, posts, private messages (now "conversations") and smilies to a new forum software. It seems to have worked pretty well and I am glad we did not loose more. The design might change in the future when the SP-Studio remake launches, but for now I think it's nice and clean.

    That's new:

    • Unfortunately I was not able to save the galleries. I am very sorry for this, but the gallery plugin was broken for years and there was no way to convert the galleries for the new forum. Back when it happened it was still possible to save the pictures, so I hope you did so when I wrote the blog post. If you still need to save something I have backups of all the images files. So send me a note and I will send you your pictures.
    • I won't launch a new gallery for now because I don't trust any software right now. I want to keep the forum as simple as possible this time, without additional plugins that might cause trouble in the future. BUT you can use file attachments now. This is a test, because I don't know if I can handle too many uploads. But if you use this feature in a reasonable way it can stay. It's meant for showing your SP-Studio pictures and other artworks. You can create topics in the "SP-Studio art" area for your projects.
    • Please check your profile page / control panel, because there might be some settings or information you want to update. For example the Notifications. Or how about a nice cover image?
    • The new forum has a dashboard. You can bookmark it instead of the main forum page if you prefer this type of thing.
    • The new forum is optimized for mobile devices, so you have a nice experience on smartphones now.
    • This new thread will replace the wish voting gallery for now.
    • You can now like posts. This feature might be deacitivated if you don't like it though.
    • There are several more nice features in the new forum software, so have a look and explore them. :)

    The old forum was not very active during the last couple of month, but perhaps this forum will attract new members because it's more fun to use.

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