The development of the SP-Studio remake in 2019

  • I wrote a blog post about the last year and the plans for 2019: A look back – and next steps

    The new SP-Studio still needs a name, but I will continue to call it "remake" until I decide on a the final name. Suggestions are still welcome. :) I will use this thread to keep you updated as soon as there is something new to announce regarding the development. It takes long and there is no release date yet because I need to update every single item. But things are looking good so far and I will continue to provide the old SP-Studio with updates until the new one will launch.

    For more information on the SP-Studio remake please have a look at this blog post from February: F.A.Q. about the new SP-Studio

    The current design (mobile view, not final):


    The new categories:


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