About the Gallery index

  • When you enter in the Gallery index (http://www.planearium.de/sp-studio/forum/gallery/index.php) there are shown the latest images posted in 'Make a Whish', current contest, old contests, and personal albums.

    I suggest that it should be better (if possible) to show a random picture in the contest's gallery, at least in the current contest.
    Right now the latest image posted for the contest gives a slight advantage over the other participants because it's always showed.

    For the closed contests could be the winner image and for the personal albums it's fine to show the last posted one.

  • I wanted to change it already, but it seems to be impossible. The index treats every album the same, no matter if it is a contest, wish voting album or user gallery. That's why I cannot change this for the contests.

  • I follow this useful website from version 2.0 and want to thank you your effor and time that you spend in the web.

    I see in the new update that you put te blood and dirty items are in "everything else" and I think that could be interesting to be in the "make-up and body parts" area near the spots, scars and sweating.
    Its like make up...its an idea :idea:

    Thanks for the website :joy::bow:

    Ps: dont remember how to attach a picture sorry...XD

  • Thanks for the nice feedback :).

    Yes... I wasn't sure about the blood of dirt. It kind of fits in both categories, so I guess I can move it back to "make up".

    You cannot upload a picture to the forum unless you won your own user gallery in the monthly contests. But you can upload it somewhere else on the internet and then link to it. For example at http://imageshack.us/ and then you use a code like this to inlcude the picture in your post:

    1. [img]http://www.url.com/image.jpg[/img]