SP-Studio Christmas Special 2017

  • DAY 14:

    Everybody is talking about the new Star Wars movie right now, so I felt like drawing a tribute to Carrie Fisher as princess Leia. Star Wars costumes are among your most frequent requests, so I hope you like this update. :)

    And you might have noticed a little change to her hairstyle as well: I finally added shadows for it.

  • DAY 15:

    Time for experimenting! Today these chemical instruments were included.

    This wish was chosen because of a vote for my Patreon supporters. The vote is still running for a couple of days, so more updates will be based on its results.

  • DAY 16:

    I don't know about you, but where I live it's scarf weather right now. So how about this extra long scarf inspired by 70s Doctor Who? With its fashionable pattern it's not just for the fans. This was another wish from my Patreon supporters.

  • DAY 17:

    With today's update I introduce you to something new. Until now the foreground category (in "stuff") was mainly used for weather effects and borders. Now I added a dining table so it looks like your character is eating from it. It goes well with the restaurant background but of course you can combine it with any background you like.

  • aw, I just had lunch, but seeing that dining table made me hungry again... :hungry:

    I'm loving the special so far! this is probably one of the only reasons I'm excited for Christmas this year

    *while wearing several layers* brr...it's colder than an icebox in here...

  • I am very happy about everbody who enjoys the Christmas Special. :) But I hope it won't stay the highlight for you this Christmas, SerialDoodler. There can still happen better things for sure.

    DAY 18:

    This Money Bag has been on my list forever, it was a popular item in the wish voting gallery and among my Patrons. So I guess it's about time to finally include it!

  • ooh! pretty! I remember wishing for more insect wings a while back, and I specifically mentioned butterfly wings... so yay! :joy:

    also, yeah there's other highlights of my Christmas this year, but this is definitely up there!so don't worry about it :v

    *while wearing several layers* brr...it's colder than an icebox in here...

  • DAY 21:

    Did you win an award lately? At least your SP-Studio character can do this now, because today's update are these rosette ribbons. You can choose your own color for them. This was a wish I picked from the Facebook comments.

  • DAY 22:

    I LOVE boardgames, but until now my hobby was not represented well in the SP-Studio. But today a board game table was included! As a start I picked the best known German boardgame "Mensch ärgere dich nicht", which is based on similar games like Ludo. It's not one of my personal favorites, because I prefer more modern and strategic games, but I felt like I should pick a classic as many people as possible can relate to. I am not totally sure if it's as well known around the world as in Germany, but I hope so.

  • In Poland, we call this game "Chińczyk", which translates to "China Man". Don't know where that name came from, lol...

    But more tabletop games like that would be cool, Cluedo, Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Operation, hell, maybe even Dungeons and Dragons!

  • It's very tempting for me to include a wider range of games, so perhaps there will be a tabletop update some day with more tables. Settlers of Catan or the good old Dominoes might look good as well.

  • DAY 23:

    Only two updates left... This flower crown was a wish from the SP-Studio blog. Thanks to everybody who comments on my updates in the blog, the forum or on Facebook! It's very motivating to read your feedback and many great ideas for updates come from your comments.

  • DAY 24:

    For the last update this creepy castle has been added as a new background image. I hope you enjoyed this year's Christmas Special and the surprises in the advent calendar matched different tastes.

    Happy Holidays! :)

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