SP-Studio update: Wishes of winners

  • Thank you for your patience while I had to take a break from updates. But now I feel better and want to share this little update with you before the big annual Christmas Special starts on December 1st. Today the wishes of past SP-Studio contest winners were included:

    • Craig from South Park as a shirt motif (for Alex)
    • Tigris of Gaul helmet from Gladiator (for gdmattman)
    • New manga eyes (for Scott)
    • Eyes with custom colored pupils (for Jareen2)
    • Custom colored Spider-Man style lenses (for Jetpack-guy)

    If you won a contest and your wish was not included here (legobasher ;) ) it might appear in the Christmas Special.

  • woo, fancy! these guys had cool ideas! I'm liking the new manga eyes in particular :v

    I can't wait for the Christmas special! Christmas is my favorite holiday aesthetics-wise, so I'm excited to see what'll show up this year :cold:

    *while wearing several layers* brr...it's colder than an icebox in here...

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