Some SP-Studio userbars

  • I was practicing making userbars in GIMP and made some SP-Studio ones for each member category. Feel free to use them in your signature! Just copy the link in the Code box and paste it into your sig.


    1. [IMG][/IMG]


    1. [IMG][/IMG]


    1. [IMG][/IMG]
  • Quote from Janina

    They look really nice :)
    But I hope you are not sad if I won't use mine forever... usually I never use user bars.

    No problem. It was fun making them. Thanks for the PSD by the way, but I had to vector over it to get rid of the background, although I did learn that GIMP can open PSD files, so that's worth something I guess.

    Quote from ViralMonster

    You should make a Mod Trainee one to distinct the higher class :]:awesome::lol:

    I think I will. What colour do you think it should be?

  • Jabels : It's a shame I only had those small files. I though I could draw the logo again in a better quality, but this would take longer than expected.
    But they look good :).