Maybe also have a side and back view?

  • Are there any plans to add functionality to generate a side and back view of the character that we are creating? Cause it is very hard to create it manually as the characters may be too complicated to draw.

  • Welcome to the forum. :)

    No, this will never happen. The main reason is time: It took me 15 years to get to the point the SP-Studio is now. So if I'd decide to draw everything again for side- and backview, this would mean several years of no other updates until I'm done. My visitors would not like this and it would be a very boring job for me. ;) So I think it's better to focus on adding new items instead of drawing the old items for different views.

    This would be different if I was working with 3D models, because you can just rotate them. But my drawings are just regular 2D drawings, so every view means extra work.