Seven Years...

  • It's been seven years since this community started.

    To put that into perspective; When I joined I was still in primary school, I was 11. Arguing with people who knew better about music and movies :lol: I'm 18 and now in college.. But I still know jackshit about music :D

    For those who have been here for as long as me, how far have come since joining? and those newbies where so you plan to be once this place hits double digits?

  • Holy hand grenades, It's seven years already? Jeebus, that went fast! I was in my early twenties by that time when we started this adventure, and now I'm an old, grumpy, nearly 30 year old guy, this is just frightening... :scared:

  • Quote from Eggyslav

    this is just frightening... :scared:

    In that stretch of time we have had 3 US Presidents, 4 UK Prime Ministers, 3 Spider-Men, 2 Batmen and 8 appearances of the McRib..

  • Wow, I am glad you still visit this little place of the internet. :)

    7 years ago I was in the middle of my 20s and just married (still don't regret, yay). I lived in Frankfurt, but later moved to a bigger apartemnt with a more relaxing neighborhood. In 2010 we had hamsters, in 2015 we upgraded to a dog.

    Here's some insider information: Back then it was the BEST time ever for the SP-Studio - financially speaking. I had more visitors in other years, but 2010 and 2011 were a great time to earn money with ad banners. Today I earn next to nothing through ads, so this has changed A LOT. This is why everybody shifted to crowdfunding during the last couple of years... ;)
    In 2010 I had 10 times the visitors I have today, but this is the number from Google Adsense, so ad blockers are not counted. There are more ad blockers in use than back then, so I am not sure about the actual numbers right now.
    In 2010 the SP-Studio discovered Twitter, but the Facebook page came later.

    The biggest updates in 2010: 40 hair styles, 27 beards, Fifa Worldcup trikots and SP-Studio version 4.0 (the community, a new design and a save button for the SP-Studio pictures). The community was a big change, but the save button was something I struggled with for many years, so I was really really glad when this worked.

  • 7 years, wow!

    When I joined the site, very short before the community got upgraded, I was still such a dump piece of shit. ^^

    Welp, sometimes I still am.
    In the meantime, I finished school and am now looking forward to a summer job at Daimler to earn some experience and money for some time of traveling before probably starting my degree.

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