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  • I just watched "Butterball" and it was great! Easily the best episode of this season. Probably the best episode since "You're Getting Old".
    I though the bathroom scenes were really funny, and I love how it poked fun on Kony 2012 video. Hilarious ending as well.
    My Rating: 9/10. :thumbup:

  • I really enjoyed Jewpacabra. Finding Bigfoot, is a guilty pleasure of mine and Matt and Trey nailed the whole feel and look of the show. Butterball is my favourite of the season so far. The Jackin' it in San Diego song cracked me up.

    You guys and gals love the live action shorts between the earlier episodes as much as I do? You know, the Bakin Bacon with Macon, Fireside Chats, entertaining the senior citizens at the Old Folks Home...

  • Quote from ADePALMA1251

    The Jackin' it in San Diego song cracked me up.

    Yeah, that's the best song they've done for years, I reckon.

  • That was a god damn lame episod...

    I'm talking about I shoul have never gone Ziplining :nono:
    boring, uninteresting, what the hell....

    The beginning woke my attention, it sounded like an "alone in wilderness" adventure.
    but it wasn't :(
    [Blocked Image:]

    the real live scene was uninteresting and lame too.
    and at the end there was this fuckin shit of hanky.

    ~my opinion, make of it what you want ~

  • I really liked the first half of the episode, because it was so funny in its realistisc view on tourist groups. It reminded me a lot of "Asspen" :).

    But the jokes got old quickly... It felt like Trey and Matt really wanted to do something about this topic, but they had no good ending for their story. So they mixed up everything South Park fans want: Live action actors, Mr. Hankey, poo, puke and a Kenny dead. It felt kinda forced :(. I laughed about the silly live action sequence at first, but now I don't think it was a good idea.

    So... the episode had its funny moments when it focused on the tourist groups, but this wasn't enough.

  • the latest episode was nothing than awesome. watch it. WATCH IT!!!

    The scenes with the thing about Kyle and Eric were just awesome, especially the Song at the end... I missed the Scene were you kan see Kile killing eric... ;)

    lets hope they will pic this thing up, but i dont think so because SP isnt something that changes with time...

    Oh, andf it was without Kenny and Stan.

    But the episode was aowesome, Nothing but.
    [Blocked Image:]

  • Good episode! I still prefer "Butterballs", but both were my highlights of this run.

  • "Cartman Finds Love"

    Great episode, I loved it!
    My Rating: 9.5/10.

    I'm wondering what episode was better, "Cartman finds love" or "Butterballs". Both episodes had great endings, and even better songs.

  • I agree. I'm not sure too but I think this one, then Butterballs.

    sadly, we all know the others werent that good...faaaaaaar after them I order in: Faith Hilling, then I schould have never... and then, again far after the rest of this... shit.

  • "Raising the Bar" was a damn fine episode. Normally, at least for the last few seasons, it take a second or third viewing of and episode to really start to laugh out loud (quite literally), but this episode had me tearing up within the first few minutes. I've only seen a little more than half of "Sarcastaball" and it didn't do too much for me. But again, after another watch or two, I'll most likely enjoy it.

  • I think Raising the Bar was the best episode in this Season so far. After that my favourites in the season are Butterballs and Cartman finds Love. Sarcastaball was good too, but sometimes a bit boring.

  • A good episode :). I felt like its many subplots fit together well (even though I never heard of Honey Boo Boo before). When you think of raising a bar that's really deep down there is only one man who can handle this job - James Cameron. It felt less random to me than most celebrity appeareances. And instead of just addressing trash tv (which is getting old) as a topic they combined it with the adiposity. It's not my favorite episode of this season so far, but I enjoyed it.

  • Unfortunately we have our own shows about embarrasing families here in Germany, so I guess that's why many American reality shows aren't shown here. They are cheap to produce, so they just copy the ideas.
    I guess if you know one of those shows you understand what's Honey Boo Boo is about, even if you never watched it ;).

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