South Park

  • "Insecurity" was pretty good. Better than "Sarcastaball", but not as good as "Raising the Bar".

  • I think this was a pretty awesome one. A good theme not to many single plots, no silly guest stars, not too much of randy. A episode that reminds you to old South Park. I give it 9.5 points! (of 10 ;))

  • 1610: Yes, great episode! My favorite since Butterballs.

    1611: I didn't enjoy it like the last two episodes, but I REALLY liked the topic and can relate to it! :D
    I don't know much about Hawaii, but we have this kind of tourists here in Europe as well. They visit the same place for every vacation, maybe even own a small house there and behave like natives. Often they are very ignorant and snobbish. My father owns a vacation home in the Netherlands and we went there every year... that's what this episode reminded me of.

  • well Im a native italian in this point of view... 12 times I went there with family and friends...

  • Meh, didn't really like the episode as much as the last few. It started out strongly with

    but from then on it just went a bit downhill. The topic was pretty funny though.


    Anyways, I'm pretty excited for this week's episode, A Nightmare on Facetime, as it's the first Halloween episode in like 6 years and I love all the other South Park Halloween episodes.

    [Blocked Image:]

  • uhg. I just thought. ok again Randy... this is beginning to get boring and annoying.
    And then I read Dogzilla's signature :drop:

  • In my point of view the new episode "a nightmare on FaceTime" was just awesome. and generally the 2nd half of the season rocks!

  • Did anyone else see the full uncensored version of Kyle's speech in "201" that surfaced online a few months ago, I can't believe I've only just found this now, it's an amazing piece of satire: here it is! Enjoy.

  • I can't believe they left both of those episodes off the DVD release altogether; they were among the best that season. The DVD is where they should have restored the full uncensored versions, not gone the other way.

  • They are still not allowed to show this uncensored version, Viacom / Comedy Central is too afraid to change their opinion. That we see this version now online is because it was leaked. This is why it is still banned from tv, the official website and DVD releases.

  • The censored versions that were originally aired are included on at least some versions of the US DVD. They're completely missing from the UK version, despite the packaging claiming it to be "complete" fourteenth season. I read somewhere that Trey and Matt were so angry at what was done to the episodes that they insisted they were withdrawn from all future releases, but I'm not sure how accurate that information is. It's a shame; I really enjoyed those episodes even despite the censorship.

  • Don't get me wrong I love South Park and have seen every episode, but has anyone noticed that in this new recent season that the writing isn't as good? They must have fired some really talented writers. The previous season and all others were hilarious. Now, it's just mostly getting weird. Sorry, I know a lot of you really love it. I do too, and that doesn't mean I won't stop watching.

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