• Hello everyone!

    I'm here to ask about the policy about the characters I've made in this website. Well, currently I'm working on an android game for my school project so I won't be making any profit from it. However, the game I'm designing will not include online features so I will not be able to link this website directly. I have cite this website though only in the documentations of the game.

    The designs of my characters are still in development but it would be a big help if I can use the characters I made here.

  • Only Janina can give a definitive final word on this, but I would have thought that as long as it's not for profit and you've given her proper credit then it should be fine.

  • Sorry for not reading this until now. I am always fine with school projects, so you can continue with this :) But I can not allow to publish the game in the Google Play Store due to their policy.