save / load picture

  • Hi

    Really cool site. I think I am about to become a big fan.
    Funny thing: I think I have not seen one South Park episod :facepalm:

    One thing I would really be happy to see is a way to save / reload previously done avatar to be able to modify them. That would be awesome feature.

    Or maye it is possible but I did not find how...


  • Welcome! :)

    Unfortunately this is not possible for technical reasons, because I do not know how to code something like this. I guess every parts would need a number then... and when you count all the parts in different colors it would take me months or even years to assign those numbers. Even if I knew how to make the load/save function work. A real coder would be needed fot this.

    So I am sorry, it is a very good idea and others have asked for this before - but I cannot do it :(.