make a wish... for coustumisable-coloured items

  • If you want an already existing Item in more colours available, post it here!
    If your Item isn't included yet, upload a picture to the wish voting.

    If you want an Item in more colours that is already posted here, write it in your post. I'll count all votes from time to time, and write them in the first post, so Janina (and everyonon else ;) ) can see it easiely.

    And: of course everyone can only vote one time for the same item... :P
    And: Its just a voting! just because something has good ratings it must't be included ;) thats up to Janina.

    and here a tip for the wishvoting: IT ONLY WORKS, IF YOU VOTE!!! sadly we lost all ratings from the old gallery :( and at the moment there are only so few posts. [strike]I also havent voted for everything but Im working on it[/strike] ;)

    A list of items community members already asked for:

    - Face - Makeup - Joker
    - Face - Makeup - Slipknot
    - Eyes - Retina
    - Eyes - Sclera
    - Fashion Accessories - Armbands - Wristwatch
    - Fashion Accessories - Belt - Cloth
    - Hat - Bear Ears
    - Hat - Headband
    - Hat - Kenny's Hood
    - Hat - Smurf Hat
    - Hat - Older hats with multiple colors, but not available in all
    - Music - Drumkit
    - Stuff - Dummy/Pacifier
    - Stuff - Sports - Skateboard
    - Stuff - Blood
    - Weapons - Lightsaber
    - Animals - horse

    *added some things I remembered from the wishvoting and some of my Ideas.

  • I included a list of wishes which were deleted from the wish voting gallery because they were just for more colors. It is better to collect them here to keep the gallery tidy :).

  • I would reeeeally like if you could draw this two hats multicolored:

    As ther'e solid coloured this wouldn't be so time consuming ;)
    and being able to flip the second one would be nice too :)