Should rotated pictures be allowed in contests?

  • Should rotated pictures be allowed in contests? 11

    1. Yes (8) 73%
    2. No (1) 9%
    3. I don't care (2) 18%

    Till now rotating pictures for the contests was not allowed because you needed additional software (Photoshop, Paint,...) to do it. Now you can rotate pictures when you upload them for the contest. So it has become really easy and everybody could do it. The question is: Should we change the rules so rotated pictures are allowed?
    I don't think this will be used very often, but the members should decide :). You can vote till the end of this month.

    Disadvantage: Until now the contests were about what you can do with the SP-Studio only.

    Advantage: More possibilities to use the parts in a creative way. Here is a good example from our member Ildorf:


  • just copied my text here:

    well you can see at Ildorf pic how great a rotated one can bee. Do we want to be without this posibility? And think off... you can also rotate it by 90° and 270° at uplouding the file.

    so to speak clear, In MY opinion this would
    - be a niche addition that causes more posibilitys
    - and about the "less challenge=less fun" parol... I dont think this counts in that way. And building sth upside-down can be a even better and a NEW sort of challenge.
    - I think it would be cool, but I can live without!

  • I thouhgt of that to but I think Its not a verry good idea. I think its enought to pretend the topic and everybody can make of it what he wants.