• Let me tell you about homestuck.

    Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie praise his name and it is amazing. It has a complex, confusing, and absurd plot, not to mention a fuckload of pages, but it is incredibly witty and the characters are all distinctly well developed.

    For those of you who ARE into Homestuck, here's some questions I have;

    Favorite kid character (pre or post scratch)?
    Jake English XD

    Favorite troll character?
    Vriska <33333333
    (a close second is Equius <3)

    Patron troll?

    Favorite flushed ship?
    Vriska X Equius!

    Favorite caliginous ship?
    Nepeta X Eridan :P

    Favorite ashen ship?
    Sollux between Karkat and Equius

    Favorite pale ship?
    Equius X Nepeta

    Favorite crack ship?
    Gamzee X Roxy

    Ever written a fanfic?
    Yes. Tons.

    Drawn/made fanart?
    A considerable amount.

    Attended a Homestuck meetup?
    Quite a few of them

    Cosplayed an HS character? If so, who, and are you planning any more?
    Yes, Terezi, Equius, and their theoretical hate child. And yes, I'm almost done with Mindfang and I plan to do Aradia after that.

    Favorite page in the comic?
    Karkat's mental breakdown XD

    Yep that's all I have to say...

    In the introduction, that is. :P

    "kan8ya, your my forever girl........"
    D--> I took an arrow to the knee before it was c001

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    Called it.

    But anyways, good luck with the topic. I could never really get into Homestuck but the fandom actually seems really nice. I tend to separate myself from these kind of fandoms though since I'm not really a big fan of large fanbases that seem to pop up everywhere, which is why I disassociate myself with "bronies", even though I absolutely love MLP:FiM.

    But enough about me, again, good luck with the topic!