Dating and Relationships

  • hi,
    this topic is about ur love life
    tell us if like ur a forever alone or a player
    if ur single or in a relationship and who knows? maybe we could set people up!

    as for me, im single as i have been most of my life :(
    but tomorrow im asking a girl out so wish me luck!


  • Meh, I'm not looking for a relationship, especially at my age. There are more important things in my life to focus on right now. But good luck with that!

  • Good luck dude! :thumbup:

    I am in a relationship with a girl in my school for about 5 months. Shes really sweet and cute. I love her. :kiss:

    I have been in a couple of other relationships before. One was.... okay. The other was just depressing.

  • I've been in a relationship with my guy for three years and five months. =)
    This is my longest relationship ever. :love: <3333
    The other relationships barely lasted four months.
    I can tell you how we met, and how we started dating, but I want to hear from everyone else too. :D

  • LoveLife? Relationship? nope, I ain't got any of it. I'm forever alone, and I'm happy with it. :D


    Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
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  • I met my husband when I was 19 years old, so we are together for 10 years now :). We were both part of a South Park community and first met during the first annual SP fan meeting I organized. Similar interests are a good base for a realationship, and we surely have many of them. There was some romantic stuff, like he colored his hair in my favorite color (blue) for me... ;) We moved together into our own apartement in 2005 and married in 2009.

    When I was about 14, 15 years old I did not care for relationships... it seemed to be a waste of time for me, because I prefered to enjoy my freedom as long as I could. We have to grow up soon enough anyway ;). And I got the feeling relationships won't hold for long at that age. So I am very happy with my life, because I did not hurry or "collected" boyfriends.

  • Quote from Wade Zabel

    Same here. Ive still never been in a releationship yet. But I hooked with someone once though. The girl was drunk........ :facepalm:

    Dude. Hate to sound like a broken record here but you are thirteen.

  • I met a nice girl at dancing course. we done prom togeter (it was yesterday(I slept till 2 pm)) in theory I liked her but she lives to far away... But i also dont think i need a relationship yet. I have friends and some best friend-girlfriends and Im happy with them.