NEW: Instagram

  • Since Google+ feels kinda dead I decided to stop posting pictures there and use Instagram instead. It's more comfortable to use for me and seems to be way more attractive to the SP-Studio audience. At least I hope so ;). So from now on you can find the official SP-Studio Instagram account here:

    Of course I will share the news about updates there. But I also want to show my favorite user created pictures. So if anybody does not want his or her pictures to be shown on Instagram please tell me so. I plan on showing pictures from the contests and user galleries because they are public anyway, and of course I will mention the nickname to give you credit. If you want your website / Instagram / Facebook / whatever profile to be mentioned along with your pictures please tell me so :). Unfortunately links do not work on Instagram descriptions, so it's a little bit difficult. But I want to give credit to the creators as best as I can.

  • I'm happy for you to use any of my pictures, as long as the title and description are included. Quite a lot of my pictures don't make much sense without the description underneath. :)

  • Sure, I will remember this :).
    I think I will always combine 4 pictures, because the upload size here in the gallery is smaller than the one for instagram. And this way I can easily include a bar with the name. I started today with a collection of Jetpack-guy pictures. Whenever I post pictures of community members I will mention it here so you know about if you don't follow the Instagram account.