Google Deep Dream

  • I put a SP-Studio image into Google's open-sourced Deep Dream software, known for creating trippy images, this was the result:

    (As Superman fans will know, it is Metallo :D )

    Here's the original Image for comparison:

    If you want to add your own creation to this topic, here is the link to upload images:

    (Remember, it can take a few day for the picture to be altered.)

  • I'm pretty unimpressed with Deep Dream so far. At the moment it mostly just seems to cover the picture with random eyes and dog faces. "Trippy" it certainly isn't... at least not if you've ever tripped for real, anyway.

    I gave it a go anyway, using a photo of me in halloween costume from a couple of years ago, to see if it came up with anything interesting. Unsurprisingly, it came back covered in eyes. :rolleyes: