• I have always wanted to to directly to the Blog page from this page, but it seems to be impossible.
    Thinking of changing the design of the Community page could be a little tricky, but come on, a direct link from here to the Blog section? That would need a major overhaul to this area right here if we wanted...

    Don't Mess with Fourze0018SP!

  • Of course I would like the header and menu in this area to be the same as at the front page. But unfortunately I cannot change it right now due to problems with the forum templates, which is very annoying. Solving these problem is high on my list, but I don't want to risk to crash the whole forum. So it's a tricky situation.

    To be honest phpBB ist a big pain in the ass (from an admin's point of view) and I regret not working with BurningBoard as I usually do. But changing the forum software now would mean to loose the gallery, so it is no option.

    So I definitely want to change the menu, I just need to find the time to fix the problems with the templates, update the forum software (and addons) and make sure everything is still working after those changes. This involves researching a lot about a software I hate, so this might explain why my motivation to do other things first (SP-Studio updates) is a bit higher ;). But it has to be done...

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